Our Mandate

God is calling on his people to intercede and deal with hindrances that dampens the flow of his presence; (1 Thess. 2:18).  The PPWR is a mandate to gather God’s children especially those who have been in battlefield to be washed, refreshed and birth into the next level of assignment, flow and purpose through prophetic prayers, ministration and spiritual midwifery.

You might have been wearied by ministry demands or your prayer has sometimes become demand driven and activity led.

God wants to take you to a higher and more strategic place of prayers. He is summoning us to come together and pray for the church. “Two are better than one … A three-fold cord is not easily broken” (Eccl. 4:9, 12).

God wants to pull down the altars of Baal in the Church and our lives, annihilate idolatry in the church, cut through spiritual strongholds hindering God’s move and build spiritual roads and highways that the Word of God can travel in.

God wants to impart you with a higher ability to pray and increase your effectiveness in prayers. By attending this event, you can expect to prophetically pray, for God to usher in new seasons in the church, your ministry and to be strategically placed in the marketplace and ministry.

Are you struggling with your prayer life? Are you in ministry but feel wearied? Consumed by activities in ministry and struggling to have time to pray? Are you called as an intercessor, prophet or seer? Or not sure but you desire to or have a passion to pray for the body of Christ?

This event is for you. Come and be repositioned in the place of prayers.